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Key Facts

full title: Fallen Angels
author: Walter Dean Myers
type of work : Novel
genre: Coming-of-age story; historical fiction; war fiction
time and place written: 1988; Jersey City, New Jersey.
date of first publication:1988
publisher: Scholastic Inc.
narrator : Richie Perry, a young African-American soldier in the Vietnam War
point of view: Richie tells the story in the first person, giving us immediate, intimate access to his thoughts and feelings as the action unfolds.
tone: Richie speaks with immediacy and poignancy, baring his innermost fears and thoughts. He filters the action of the novel through the medium of these emotions and ideas.
tense : Past
setting (time): Several months in 1967 and 1968
setting (place): Vietnam
protagonist: Richie Perry
major conflict: Richie struggles to come to terms with the grim reality of war, which contradicts the myths about war that he believed going into it.

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