Collection 1 Project - Part 2

For the second part of the project, you will be working with two of your fellow classmates to create a publishable product to educate others on effective time management.
While what the end product resembles may differ in the end for each group, the following suggested plan will help everyone:

1. Get assigned your group.

2. Share what you learned from the required readings (via your forum posts) and your personal time management experiences (via your Project - Part 1 and your prior experiences/knowledge).

3. Do any additional research to gather more information you may need. SOME will be done in class.

4. Decide what form your final product will take.

5. Get approval for your final product idea from Mr. Gravuer.

6. Assign roles and duties for your final product.

7. Complete your final product!

8. ALL final products will be made accessible via your team page on this wiki. Currently the pages are private (only accessible to you, your group members, and Mr. Gravuer), but will be opened to all members of the wiki once they are completed.

Of course, these steps are somewhat broad to cover everyone, but along the way I will certainly be available for guidance and assistance to you and your group, and keeping an eye on you to keep you on track!

- You must be able to deliver this product to another group of people outside of our classroom.
- Before beginning to work, get approval for your idea from me first!
- You must use some form of technology to create your product.
- Examine the rubric that will be used to evaluate your group during the process of the creation of your final product under the ASSESSMENT heading.

Additional Readings on Time Management

Here are some more current articles focused on time management. If you find any others, please message me and I will add them to the page!

Twelve Time Management Habits to Master in 2013

4 Time Management Tips for Online Students

20 Quick Tips For Better Time Management

Managing Your Time – Academic Skills Center at Dartmouth University (Many downloadable resources!)


You will receive TWO grades that will combine for your OVERALL PROJECT GRADE.
The two items that will contribute to your OVERALL PROJECT GRADE are:

1. Group Work
2. Final Product

Below are the materials that will be used to calculate your grades.
1. Group Work:

2. Final Product: